Call For Artists & Photographers

 Hometown Pride Art show and Lumby Days Photo contest

Lumby Days is back! With it MAC will be hosting an both an Art show at the Village Gallery & Lumby days as well as their photography contest at Lumby Days, this year’s theme is Hometown Pride.

There are likely as many variations on this theme as there are people in our community. ? For some, it might mean the particular values or attitudes about life they feel their community stands for. For others, it could be the laughs, smiles, and shared memories of family fun at a local attraction.

What makes you proud to be part of the area you live in? What are the unique, memorable, natural or historic features that make it stand out? Maybe it’s a favorite restaurant, shop, or park. It could be a local attraction or event.

For example:

The salmon trail and dog park, homegrown food, local attractions, Cooper the dog, Lumby Days, Lumby Public Market, history, wildlife, people the bike park, the skateboard park, school activities…

The possibilities are endless. Whatever your vision is, we invite you to share it with us.

Hometown Art show Run May 30th – July 2nd  –  Entry Deadline May 28th

Photo Contest Entry Deadline June 6th  to show at Lumby Days June 10-12th

Applications are available at the Village Gallery and online at Call For Artists (