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May 2nd – May 28th

 Farm and Field


“Being a farmer means shaking hands with nature”- Unknown

With April coming up quickly and many farmers and ranchers in our area already tending to new calves and lambs, the Monashee Arts Council couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate those who help put food on our tables as they work tirelessly tending the land.

Theirs is a job that does not end when they clock out of the office, from repairing the broken fence, checking on expectant mothers in the middle of frigid January nights and drying a new born calf, to sowing seeds in the fields after a long sleepy winter, cutting and baling the hay in the heat of our Okanagan summers. It is a life that begins before the sun rises and well until after it has set.

It is a respect for life in all its forms from the first tender blooms on the fruit trees that will become some of our favorite treats, the first gasping breaths of a new born lamb to the final harvest and all the moments in between and beyond that keeps the wheel turning.

Join us as we celebrate all aspects of the life on the farm and in the fields of our community in our favorite artistic mediums.


May 30th – July 2nd

Hometown Pride Art Show and Photo contest

Art Show 


Photography Contest

(June 10-12th at Lumby Days)

Lumby Photo Contest Entry Form 2022

Lumby Photo Contest Guidelines 2022

Lumby Days is back! With it MAC will be hosting an both an Art show at the Village Gallery and their photography contest at Lumby Days, this year’s theme is Hometown Pride,

There are likely as many variations on this theme as there are people in our community. ? For some, it might mean the particular values or attitudes about life they feel their community stands for. For others, it could be the laughs, smiles, and shared memories of family fun at a local attraction.

What makes you proud to be part of the area you live in? What are the unique, memorable, natural or historic features that make it stand out? Maybe it’s a favorite restaurant, shop, or park. It could be a local attraction or event.

For example:

The salmon trail and dog park, homegrown food, local attractions, Cooper the dog, Lumby Days, Lumby Public Market, history, wildlife, people the bike park, the skateboard park, school activities…

The possibilities are endless. Whatever your vision is, we invite you to share it with us.

July 4th – July 30th

Artist Trading Cards and Miniature Works

(more info soon)


Aug 1st – Sept 3rd 

FIBRE – Art of Life

(more info soon)


Sept 6th – Oct 1st


(more info soon)


Oct 3rd – Nov 5th

ArtKids 2022


Nov 7th – Dec 24/31st