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Sept 6th – Oct 1st


Patron Show Application

The September show at the Village Gallery is dedicated to patrons of the arts: those who love and collect works of art, seek out particular artist, follow them and encourage them often by comments on Facebook pages or by purchasing the art work and adding it to their collections. 
Sometimes people inherit works of art that have great family significance; or they are part of a dear friend’s bequest; or patrons may commission works by a favorite artist. 
You do hear of art investors who have made significant profits from savvy art purchases. For every one of these, however, there are many others who just love to have original art on their walls.  
Do you have one or more pieces of art that you would love to share with our audience? Contact the Village Gallery or the Monashee Arts Council to discuss the procedures and timelines.
Sept 24th 
‘Food is culture. Food is identity, a footprint of who you are’ –Lidia Bastianich (Italian-American celebrity chef)
Food; it is something we partake of everyday, not just as a means of sustenance, but as part of our very culture, it tells the story of who we are. From our first day it becomes an integral part of who we are, influenced by our childhoods, heritage, cultures and experiences throughout life. We offer a glimpse into ourselves by our views of food.
Join Artists in celebrating food in all its forms as it passed through our kitchens. Whether it’s canning for use year round, baked into pies, savory or sweet, or just a simple garden salad. Join us in what is often considered harvest season for an outdoor exhibition of art and food.
Join us for this one day pop up Artist Exhibition show as part of Culture Days, in the back parking lot of the Village Gallery.


Oct 3rd – Nov 5th

Young at Art

Young at Art 2022 Application

“Creativity is Intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein
The ability to create is a human necessity; it helps us define who we are as human beings. For children it is part of learning and exploring one’s own human curiosity. From the moment we pick up a crayon and put it to paper it becomes an exploration of the world we live in.
The Monashee Arts Council is once again looking for Artists 25 and under who have a love for the Arts and would like to share their work!
So if you or someone you know enjoys creating works of art? Be it drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, pottery, beading, wood carving, sewing or weaving, the Monashee Arts Council wants to know!
The Monashee Arts Council members hope this show will encourage our talented local youth to get involved and go public with their work.
There is not cost for this show and it is open to all who want to be involved with the our local art community offering youth a chance to show and even sell their art.
Submission Deadline: October 1st
For more information or the application come into the Village Gallery or check out our website, you can also send in a request by email;


Nov 7th – Dec 24/31st


XMAS STORE sales Application 2021