Call for Artists – Farm and Field

“Being a farmer means shaking hands with nature”- Unknown

With April coming up quickly and many farmers and ranchers in our area already tending to new calves and lambs, the Monashee Arts Council couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate those who help put food on our tables as they work tirelessly tending the land.

Theirs is a job that does not end when they clock out of the office, from repairing the broken fence, checking on expectant mothers in the middle of frigid January nights and drying a new born calf, to sowing seeds in the fields after a long sleepy winter, cutting and baling the hay in the heat of our Okanagan summers. It is a life that begins before the sun rises and well until after it has set.

It is a respect for life in all its forms from the first tender blooms on the fruit trees that will become some of our favorite treats, the first gasping breaths of a new born lamb to the final harvest and all the moments in between and beyond that keeps the wheel turning.

Join us as we celebrate all aspects of the life on the farm and in the fields of our community in our favorite artistic mediums.