About Us

Our Mandate

2018-19 Board of Directors and community representatives L-R Julie Pilon, Norma Bouzek, Nick Hodge, Robin LeDrew, Dennis Schafer, Bev Danby, Tim Wilson, Lorelei Fiset

The Monashee Arts Council is a non profit society formed in 1999 by local artists to promote the enjoyment of and participation in the arts and culture by all residents of all ages in our region.  Our mandate is to :

* Educate the community about the visual, literary and performing arts.

* Foster pride and understanding of the artistic heritage of our local community.

* Sponsor cultural events.

* Promote community economic development by assisting individual artists, artisans, performers, and creators of artistic works.

* Articulate and communicate the cultural needs of our community to all levels of government.

Our Programme of Activities

The Monashee Arts Council sponsors a number of artistic and cultural activities throughout the year.

Our premier event is our annual Festival of the Arts held during Lumby Days the second weekend in June. The Festival includes a variety of activities including artist and artisan vendors, an artist exhibition, a Photography Contest, and information about upcoming events & classes.

We are a member of the Lumby Public Market and make our booth available to any of our members who wish to display their work at the Saturday markets held from May through October.

Watch our website for news of upcoming events at: http://monasheeartscouncil.com

Monthly Meetings

We usually hold a meeting each month for community members and directors of the board to connect and discuss current and upcoming artistic and cultural events/classes/ideas.

Our meetings will typically held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 6:30-8:30pm at the White Valley Community Centre located at 2250 Shields Avenue, Lumby, BC.

Monashee Arts Council Office

We have an office at 1975 Vernon Street in the heart of Lumby. Our regular office hours are Tuesday, and Thursday, 10 am – 1:30 pm. You are welcome to drop by and meet our Arts & Culture Program Coordinator, Hayley Bouzek.

Contact us by telephone: 778-473-3029 or email us at monasheeartscouncil@gmail.com