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2023 Shows

Nov 6-Dec 23rd

Christmas and Holiday Store

CHRISTMAS STORE 2023 Application

 Oh my gosh! Can you believe it’s almost that time of year again?

Once again from November through December the Village Gallery will once again transform into the Christmas store connecting Artisans and holiday shoppers for that special gift. So Artists and Crafters get that holiday art ready.

Pick up your application and start bringing art into the Village Gallery for the November 5th Christmas store opening

The Christmas store will run from November 5th through December 23rd

2024 Shows

January 2 – February 2



Dictionaries and Wikipedia give multiple definitions.  It can be a noun or a verb.  You can decorate a wall with repeated motifs that give a harmonious whole.  If you are a fabric artist, you can make clothing from a pattern that you cut from cloth and do this repeatedly.  A weaver will follow a strict set of instructions that will be a pattern and that will manifest a pattern in the design.

A pattern can be a set of genetic instructions that ensures that butterflies will always have wings and the mammals will have certain physical traits common to most mammals.

Patterns in our environment will have an underlying form; life forms will have visual patterns called fractals.

If you are a poet or musician, your compositions will have a certain pattern of rhythm and structure.

An architect will use repeating features such as windows, doors, columns, pillars, and pediments.

A philosopher or psychologist will observe patterns in human behaviours.  What pattern of behaviour is healthy and productive, what pattern is not?  Is a pattern of drinking coffee in the morning when you get up conducive to a stable existence or is it a pattern of stagnation? Can a cartoonist comment on the idiosyncrasies of our society, patterns that are both funny and sad?

In this upcoming show, we expect to have people working in the visual arts, but all approaches can be ascertained.


February 5 – March 1





Should I have been surprised when I searched for definitions for ‘TIME WORN’ and found a derogatory litany?  I did and I was!  I confess that when I think of time worn, my mind is filled with all things comfortable and familiar.  In a place and time that values philosophies like Mend and Make do, Wabi Sabi and honours vintage methods or items, I was struck dumb by the following definitions.

  1. damaged or impaired, or made less striking or attractive, as a result of age or much use.
  2. Impaired by time. Hackneyed and stale.
  3. showing the adverse effects of overlong use or of old age
  4. (no longer of interest or value because of) having been used a lot over a long period of time.
  5. Repeated too often, overfamiliar through overuse.

Where in this is the appreciation of verdigris blossoming on a copper surface, the silvering of exposed woodgrain or a developing patina of any sort?

Is the stone step with its swayed back from uncountable footsteps less or more remarkable than when it was freshly set?

Have we lost the ability to see the ingenuity of a simple tool – because we have benefited from it – for too long a duration?

Where’s the romance?  The antiques!  The antiquities!  Let alone the Shabby Chic!

Let us see your artwork in all varieties of Time Worn; in all of its frayed, eroded, bleached, thinned, faded, used, hand-me-down, worn out beauty!


March 4- April 4

Gill Kopy Memorial Show

Join us in looking back through the years from the view of a photographer as we honor a dear Friend, Artist and treasured member of the Arts Community.

Much of Gill’s private collection of photography was donated to the Monashee Arts Council and much of it will be for sale with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Monashee Arts Council Student Bursary.


April 8 – May 3


WATER SHOW Application

Everyday, indeed every hour Water is disappearing from our lands, forests, lakes, rivers, streams, estuaries and more. This is a worldwide disaster and has already caused starvation and death in many countries. Climate change is responsible for melting ice, rising sea levels, floods and droughts.

In BC, along with many other provinces in Canada where land and water are considered to be abundant, we are feeling the destruction caused by the rising temperatures and warming waters. Many of these disasters are manmade, starting as far back as the Industrial Revolution, and it has only continued to escalate rapidly over the last fifty to sixty years.

Throughout the Middle East, rainfall continues to decline, and along with scorching heat, it is causing severe drought. Clean water is essential to survival. No potable water means dead animals, no crops, and as a result no food.

Most other countries throughout the world (though, perhaps not in quite as much danger as the desert areas) are beginning to suffer in various ways due to the increasingly extreme weather patterns.

Everyone knows the saying “Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” while this isn’t an exact quote of the original poem, it has never been truer in our changing world.

71% of the earth is covered by it, yet less than 3% is drinkable. It is an inorganic compound described by the simple formula of H2O, transparent, tasteless, odorless and nearly colorless, it exists in all forms solid, liquid, and gas, and it moves continually through a cycle of evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation and run off. Yet it is one of the compounds in our world that life would be impossible without.

We are requesting that our Artists focus on how much we need to protect our water, this giver of life in all its forms. Share with us what Water is to you, as we draw attention to this integral element of our very existence.


May 6 – June 7

Community Art Class Showcase


June 10 – July 5

Found! Upcycled Art

(more information TBA)


July 8 – August 2


(more information TBA)


August 5 – August 30


(more information TBA)


September 2 – September 27


(more information TBA)


September 30 – November 1

Warning! Artists at Play!

We all have fun creating and what a better way than to showcase our fun out of control artists doing what they do best – Creating Amazing ART!!

Have fun show us why YOU create, show us your art in all it’s forms from landscape painting, spiraling quilts and hand puppets, Halloween masks, or maybe you draw comics or paper mache master pieces. We all started creating for one reason or another, this is your time to show us the art you do for FUN!


November 4 – December 24

2024 Christmas store