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Bruce Borrowman passionate photographer shares his experimental work on the Monashee Arts Council member wall in the Village Gallery. Bruce Borrowman sees faces in everything. It’s called Pareidolia. This was the inspiration for his abstract photograph currently showing under the Monashee Arts Council’s new display agreement with the Village Gallery in Lumby.

Bruce bought his first camera with paper route money at age 12, a Kodak instamatic X-15 that used 126 film. “Somehow, I still have it”, he says. Bruce stopped taking pictures when he was in his 20’s in order to get a “real job” but then he found digital photography with a Kodak DC210 and a 1 megapixel sensor in the early 90’s. Now he uses a Nikon D850 and plays with his images using Lightroom and Photoshop. His favorite subjects are landscapes and plants and he has volunteered for several years for the Lumby Days Photography contest. The image on our wall is of a rock face and sure enough there are faces in this mirror image print. Come on in and see it in person.



Eric Foster, MLA and Eric Mitchell from the Okanagan Band share their reaction to the mural “the land that feeds us”. Provincial funding through the BC Arts Council made the mural and its digitization possible. Eric was a consultant for both parts of the project.

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