Art Supplies

The Monashee Arts Council is pleased to announce that we now carry Art supplies in the Village Gallery.

Special orders

Are you an artist looking to order items in bulk, or hoping to get something we don’t typically carry at the Village Gallery? We’d be more than happy to put in a special order for you! Please email us at or come into the gallery and we will make up a quote for you as soon as we can.

Regular orders are placed on a loose schedule (late March, July and late October), and any special requests can be added to these shipments. However, requests for special orders can be placed at any time so long as the minimum order amount is being met ($400). Please note that all orders require a 50% deposit. If the order is outside of our regular order schedule, you will also be responsible for all freight costs.

Note: Shipping and backorders are often unpredictable, despite the supplier’s best estimates. If your order is needed by a specific date, please let us know, and try to place it well in advance.