Call for Artists – What’s your story

Everyone has a story to tell.

Art has often been used to tell those stories be they truth or the fantasies of our imaginations. Artists since pre-history have presented their narratives in many ways – by using either a series of images to represent moments in a story, or by selecting a central moment to stand for the story as a whole.

Narrative Art has the power to preserve history beyond the written word as well as create the legends and myths which have survived through generations and cultures.

The Monashee Arts Council invites local story tellers to tell their stories be they True or Fiction through their art

This show is open to all forms of Narrative art. Perhaps you have a family story to tell that connects you to the past, or you want to illustrate a moment from your favorite fairytale or myth, even the storyboard for a movie or a comic you are working on.

We invite you to share your story!