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Capturing a Moment in Time

Capturing a Moment in Time

Our annual Photography Contest will be taking place at this year’s Lumby Days Family Festival in June and I’ve been impressed by the entries that have been arriving already.  I remember the first year that we held this contest (since I’ve been with the arts council) and I was so excited that we were doing this as I love being part of events that include the community and share our residents’ many talents.


I’m a big fan of photography as I love the concept of capturing a moment in time in a split second so to speak. To be clear, I love many forms of the visual arts, however, with photography I appreciate how it can be either planned or spontaneous and once the image is captured it can remain “as is” or become part of something bigger.  Photography allows us the opportunity to see through another person’s eyes for a moment.


What I’ve observed over the years with the Monashee Arts Council’s Photography Contest, is that this art form draws out those amongst us who may not otherwise participate in an art show.  The quality and variety of the submissions we receive annually are inspiring to say the least. I especially love that we witness participants from all ages and occupations.  I’m a huge advocate for making the arts accessible and inclusive, not just from the perspective of enjoying photographs but also from the ability to create one’s own.  With so many smartphones around now, many more people have the ability to participate in photography, further broadening the appeal of this art form more with every season that passes.


If you haven’t submitted your entries to our contest yet, please do so!  We would truly love to see how you capture the moments in your life!


Photography guidelines and application forms can be picked up from our office (within The Village Gallery, 1975 Vernon Street, Lumby, BC) or they can be found on our website: monasheeartscouncil.com



Submitted by Jennifer Greenwood

For the Monashee Arts Council



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