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Exploring Our Roots – Themed Art Show asks “What Did Your Ancestors Do?”

Some images reflecting my family history…and current interests.

The theme of this year’s Lumby Days Family Festival is MEDIEVAL and in keeping with our history, ancestry & genealogy the Monashee Arts Council is hosting a juried art show entitled “What Did Your Ancestors Do?”  We invite local artists in any medium to participate in this show which will run during Lumby Days June 7-9, 2019.

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have had a relative create your family tree for you, or maybe you only know your parents’ generation and that’s where the information on your bloodline stops. There is a big interest in our ancestry these days and the Monashee Arts Council is inviting you to explore your history through art. Whether you know exactly where your family came from and what they did, or whether you can only make your best guess on your ancestry based on intuition and snippets of stories, we want you to have fun with this art show and pay tribute to the past.

I was given an Ancestry.ca kit for Christmas this past year and while I was confident I knew where my people came from (Wales, Scotland, Ireland & England), I was very excited to get confirmation (the only surprise being a bit of Scandinavian blood!). I’m fortunate to have had many family stories passed down to me and am next in line to receive the family photos from the Morry/Ostler/Reid clan.

Being a Greenwood, I’ve always known in my heart that my people had a strong love of forests & trees, and I was interested to learn that the Greenwoods likely came from a now extinct medieval village in Yorkshire.  I’m working on creating an art piece for the show that will reflect my interpretation of what the medieval Greenwoods might have worn.  There’s no shortage of “green” inspiration at home… I’ve got no fewer than a dozen different varieties of trees growing in my yard & I keep adding to them each year!

I don’t know a lot about the men in my family tree (there were judges, mayors, naval officers, and RAF pilots among them), but the history of the strong women in my bloodline has been passed down. We have always been gardeners, herbalists, singers, artists, actors, storytellers, mediators, and protectors. I know I’m going to have fun creating my pieces for our new art show!

This is a separate art show apart from our annual critiqued art show that will run concurrently.

Artists may submit up to 3 pieces. Each piece must be ready-to-hand and be clearly labelled with the artist’s name, medium, and price.  We request that you write a short piece explaining the background of your artwork with relation to the “ancestors” theme.  There is a display fee of $5 per piece.

Application forms and guidelines can be picked up from the Monashee Arts Council office (1975 Vernon Street, Lumby, BC) or can be found online at: www.monasheeartscouncil.com


Submitted by Jennifer Greenwood

For the Monashee Arts Council

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