Rob Whiskin

Rob Whiskin and Linda Zepik have formed the colaboration that is called R&L Gemsentials.

Jewelry making has been an ongoing adventure for Linda for almost 40 years. Starting out with seed beads and moving to semi-precious stone beads, the silver smithing and wire wrapping, using sterling silver and gemstones, are relatively new additions to her repertoire.

Rob first tried making jewelry in the early 1970's but found that a lack of work space and other interests made it the wrong time to pursue it. I have been working with wire wrapping (in sterling silver, gold filled and copper), silver smithing, and lapidary work for a solid four years now.

Rob does most of the stone cutting and polishing in our work. He also does most of the wire wrap work featured on our site, with Linda adding the occasional piece. Linda does most of the smithing and beading and all the chain making.

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