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I was born at a very young age in Toronto. I've lived most of my life in Québec, in or near Montréal as well as in the Gaspé. But I started out in Ontario, near Toronto and finally in Guelph and Waterloo. I moved to B.C. in 2002.

I worked as programmer at a time when computers were beginning to be used as huge (room-size) office calculators (for large companies only). The computers not only increased accuracy and precision in those calculations, but also made tracking trends easy, improving predictions. The resultant use of paper was unfortunate, being produced from forests conveniently out of sight and sound of the cities in which those companies had their office towers.

I managed a small computer department (the department was small, not the computer) in the electronics (radio telephone transmission) industry, designing and programming logic for the Just-In-Time use of computers. Great fun, and greatly useful and productive as I thought at the time, not now being so sure since the eventual worldwide result of greatly reducing the number of warehouses (real estate cost to a company) is that they are all now on the highways! And the people the computers replaced may now be living in tent cities.

I'm volunteering with the M.A.C. because I'm able to help in the short term, and I know and respect several of the active members.