Thu., May. 4 (All day) to Wed., May. 31 (All day)
Okanagan Regional Library Lumby Branch
2250 Shields Avenue, Lumby, BC

Meet the Artist for May, 2017 - Sheri Leason

Artist statement:

"Often I have an experience I want to hold onto.  That is my inspiration to paint.

In the process of creating each piece, I relive these experiences with each brush-stroke.  I become a part of the moment with every layer of paint.  I use lively colours, bright highlights and textured paint to capture the excitement and fascination I feel with the content.

Subjects vary from curious beliefs, calming scenery to fearful wildlife encounters, keeping my appreciation for beauty diverse.

I see each painting as more than a visual snapshot.  My work is a place to step into, an animal to observe and a feeling to be reminded of."

You can meet Sheri on May 31st from 12:00 - 1:00

Proceeds from this event will be donated to my dog trainer to "Save Nala's Hips".  A fund-raising event to assist in the cost of her dogs surgery.

Come to the library to view her incredible works of art and ask her more about her processes.

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