Guidelines for Grants

to Local Arts and Culture Organizations


MAC Statement of Guiding Principles

1.  Part of the MAC mandate is to support local Arts and Heritage organizations.  We allocate a portion of the funding we receive from the White Valley Parks, Recreation, and Culture Committee to provide project grants for this purpose.

2.  Guiding Principles – MAC will award grants that will:

  • Contribute to the development of Arts and Heritage in our community
  • Engage community members as leaders, creative participants, and audience
  • Promote the development of community organizational capacity to deliver Arts and Heritage works and programming and strengthen the organization in carrying out its mission


Eligibility – grant recipients must be non-profit organizations, based in the Monashee, whose primary purpose of the project is to foster the delivery of arts, cultural, or heritage programs and activities.

Proposed projects should include:

  1. A description of the project – including purpose, target audience, timeline, and intended outcomes
  2. A financial plan and/or budget
  3. A final report within 60 days of project completion

Maximum grant – individual grants are limited to 50% of the total annual grant budget of the Monashee Arts Council.  Total grant budget for 2017 is $5,000.

Application Deadline:  March 16, 2017

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Clear statement of Goal


  1. Potential impact on the growth of arts and culture in our region and on the development of individual artists.


  1. A plan to measure the success of the activity or program.


For more information, contact us: telephone 778-473-3029

By email: or visit our office at 1975 Vernon St. Lumby, BC