An awesome program designed for girls & boys who want to work with fun art projects to improve their self-esteem and confidence as artists.  We will be painting, creating mixed media art, drawing, and learning life & self-care skills.  No experience necessary.  Just show up and have fun!  We will exhibit the art during various shows!

Classes:  Tuesdays Jan.10th-June 27, 2017 3:30-5pm at the White Valley Community Centre.  Cost $50/month.  $75 art supplies.  Maximum 10 students.  Ages 7-18.

Class objectives:  

* Learning drawing basics (proportion, form, 3D objects, distance, colours in nature)

*Explore individual styles

* Taking risks in new art projects (acrylics, mx media, fabrics, recycled materials)

* Learning about classical music, composers, using music as inspiration for creating art

* Body movement as expression of feelings, using music as part in body exercises

* Acceptance building with others, accepting differences, points of view, styles, opinions, looks, seeing beauty in all forms in nature, humans, animals, architecture

* Learning how to support others by listening and being present

* Learning Business Skills necessary to exhibit, show, market, promote and sell the art, connecting with local artists and communities, galleries.

Contact Agatha: 1-877-770-0877 for more info or to register.