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16 Aug 2018

The next meeting of our local Writers' Group will take place on Friday, August 24th from 7-9pm in Lumby. 

16 Aug 2018

The Monashee Arts Council is taking a Cultural Survey of Lumby, Whitevale, Mabel Lake, Lavington/Coldstream, Cherryville and the surrounding areas. Are you an artist, sculptor, potter, performer, writer, playwright or any other type of cultural creative? Let us know who you are!  MAC directors will be doing interviews to discover what talents are in the area.

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The New Mural Project is nearing completion!  The mural which features food production/history of our area is a big source of pride, inspiration & community conversation.  It has truly been a group effort, with long-time MAC members lending a

03 Jul 2018

Summertime is here & we are taking a little break from our monthly MAC meetings. Hope you all enjoy the summer months! 


                Remember, a few years ago we had a local theatre production The Moose Under Coyote Sleeping celebrating the history of Lumby.  The show was successfully produced and well received by the public.

                Since then a number of interesting things have happened locally.  We came up with the idea of a cabaret show which would draw upon current events and how these affect our daily lives.  People have interesting stories to tell which can serve as the ground material for dramatic performances.  People have hopes and fears which can be expressed in music, drama and story.

The Monashee Arts Council has entered into an agreement with the Okanagan Regional Library (Lumby) to offer a program to raise the awareness in the community of our local artists.  This project will provide a venue for local artists to showcase their work in the Lumby Branch, as well as take part in evening/weekend events during which the public can meet the artists to discuss their pieces.