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Call for submissions

Lumby Days Art Show

Sponsored by the Monashee Arts Council


A shout out to all local artists who are interested in showing their work at the Lumby Days family festival.  This show will have two cash prizes and valuable written critique by two well-known artists, Gail Short and Charlene Woodbury.  The entry fee is minimal ($5 per piece) and entrants are required to become members of the Arts Council ($15 for a year).


MAC Lumby Days Photo Contest - June 10-12, 2017

2017 Lumby Days Theme - Celebrate Canada 150


Lumby Days is fast approaching (June 10 & 11, 2017) and that means we at the Monashee Arts Council are busy getting organized for our annual Festival of the Arts!



Meet the Artist for May, 2017 - Sheri Leason

Artist statement:

"Often I have an experience I want to hold onto.  That is my inspiration to paint.

The Monashee Arts Council would like to acknowledge & thank all of our many amazing volunteers!  You've made such a difference in how we are able to promote & support the arts in our lovely community.



At our most recent meeting, the board of directors of the Monashee Arts Council decided that monthly meetings will now take place on the 1st FRIDAY of every month at 4pm.